Thursday, October 13, 2011


1. What you have learnt in Semester 2?
-I have learnt that the various ways of planning and the designing of the buildings. We also have to take into consideration on the different factors affecting the building and also the unique design and how it would be portrayed. It has also taught me about the importance of the design of a building and the concept behind it. I also learnt how to use sketchup.

2. What are some difficulties encountered?
- I had some problems with the time management part as i did not plan my time properly
-The sketch up keeps crashing and lagging.

3. How did you overcome them?
- I slowly planned my time accordingly and did something everyday.
- I kept saving often to save my work.

4. How do you think you can do better?
I should have spent more time on my research and go into depth fo the research I am doing, thus going further in the elaboration and building of my building.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Seah Jit Sheng Brief description

A brief write up of what is the purpose of the building and the concept behind the design.

The purpose I am building this building, Indian Entertainment center as in Singapore, there is only little India. And over the weekends, the place would be fully packed to the brim. Thus, making shopping there very difficult. And lastly, to cater better to the needs to the Indians

The concept behind my building. When I am doing the journal, I think the Indians, especially Hindus, really respect their religion and whatever they do, they would think of their religions. Therefore, I would build my building according to their religion, the Hindu religion.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

What makes a good architectural design?

The building have to be able to stand up to natural forces over time. The design has three important points ; commodity (utilitas), firmness (firmitas), and delight (venustas). The design should be unique and one-of-a-kind. This would show its specialness and people would find it better and more interesting. The design, must Have the proper and adequate expression to show itself and be able to stand out. Lastly, is being able to capture the audiences.

One such is our very own Singapore's esplanade. Its design, a durian shape represents the singaporeans all time favourite fruit, the durian.

Summarised in class:

Thursday, June 30, 2011

What is architectural design?

Architectural design

-Concept that focuses on the components or elements of a structure or system and unifies them into a coherent and functional whole, according to a particular approach in achieving the objective(s) under the given constraints or limitations.

-Architectural design values make up an important part of what influences an architect and designer when they make their design decisions. However, architects and designers are not always influenced by the same values and intentions. Value and intentions differ between different architectural movements. It also differs between different schools of architecture and schools of design as well as among individual architects and designers.

This design value is based on the belief that the built environment can be manipulated to reduce crime levels, which is attempted accomplished through three main strategies that are:

Defensible space
Crime prevention through environmental design
Situational crime prevention